Enhanced Business Systems

What’s New with Enhanced Business Systems

Enhanced Version 8.018

2017 – “Pending”

  • Revised menu system to accommodate latest Microsoft Office “ribbon” platform
  • Overall of all modules to include screen display and improved performance
  • Several new reports
  • Further details pending.

  • Bank Reconciliation – 2017

    • Complete overall of the Bank Reconciliation module.
    • Enhanced Version 9.a/b


      • Additional features and reports for general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable and
        cash management.
      • Revised cash management module
      • Improved security and log in screen

      • Enhanced Version 9.0

        • Improved tab version / security format
        • Added one screen employee setup
        • New drop down menu selection for earning and deduction records
        • Changes to base program to accommodate latest version of Microsoft Office/Access and Windows platform

        • Florida Launch

          • Customized software GL account structure to accommodate Florida’s fund accounting requirements
          • Added several state specific reports.

          • April 2013

            • Revised 941 PR Quarterly Report
            • New Schedule B Employee Quarterly Report
            • New platform version for Office/Access 2013
            • Several new AP and PR reports

            May 2012

            • Now available! New reports, improved performance and a major change in the employee entry process: Click Here for preview.

            Enhanced Version 8.017

            August/September 2011

            • Softer look and feel – recolored all forms and displays
            • Revised AP YTD Report
            • Changes to Fixed Assets module
            • Major change to Master/Blanket Purchase order function
            • AR-UB – meter reading quantities automatically calculated
            • System platform updated to Microsoft Office 2010

            ♦ Optional upgrade to new Security & Tab menu system

            Enhanced Version 8.016

            January 2011

            • Revised W2 to meet “anticipated” health care reporting requirements
            • Changed W2 Review & Totals Report
            • Expanded Purchase Register Report
            • Revised several G/L Financial Reports
            • Upgrade to the Budget Prep. module to include all objects & sub-accounts
            • Added date range to A/P YTD supplier totals
            • Major revision to the Receipts Report in Disbursement & Receipts
            • Added “Adjust Employee Allocated Hours” screen in the System ToolBox module

            Enhanced Version 8.015

            June/July 2010

            • Redesigned screens and color combinations
            • New A/P report that list supplier YTD amounts A-Z or highest to lowest
            • Revised P/R Tax Liability Report
            • Expanded P/R Time Sheet Report
            • Added G/L Name description to Recurring J/E screen
            • Revised Budget Overview Report
            • Enhancements to A/R’s “counter sales” feature
            • Revisions to several basic reports

            January 2010

            • Revised “Quick Steps” instruction booklets for version 8.014
            • Posted for download IRS 2010 Payroll tax tables

            Enhanced Version 8.014

            October 2009

            • Added additional “sort option” to the Abstract of Vouchers Report. Print in portrait or landscape
            • Ability to track two additional fields in Payroll (Misc.#1 – Misc.#2) which will be reflected on the Employee Hours Worked Report and compared against “allocated hours”
            • Added gross payroll and tax distribution information to the Federal “Employee Earnings – All Detail Report”
            • Updated the Certified Payroll Report to include pay frequencies
            • New report in Water/Sewer Billing that allows the sorting of Customer Account numbers by number and/or by customer name
            • Revised Budget Comparison Report

            September 2009

            Updates to Accounts Receivable’s Water/Sewer billing module

            • Major update to the customer invoicing process
            • Several additional reports

            April 2009

            Release of Water/Sewer Billing add on to the Enhanced Fund Accounting Accounts Receivable module. Features include the following:

            • Fully integrated to the General Ledger module
            • User definable rate tables – easy prior/current meter reading entry
            • Assesses and calculates finance charges for past due as well as accounting for bounced checks
            • Customer Routing Sheets
            • Full accounts receivable functionality

            December 2008

            Released additional updates – ver. 8.013E

            • Improved our Direct Deposit feature
            • New Certified Payroll Report

            September 2008

            Our website has been revised! We have upgraded the navigation of this website, included additional sample reports and have also included Adobe Acrobat file format for faster downloading of our quick steps instruction booklets.

            Enhanced Version 8.013

            May 2008

            The latest update v.8.013 is now available to our clients, and as usual – at no cost!

            • Automatic voucher numbering of A/P invoices (using both alpha and/or numeric)
            • Additional P/R feature – track and report on Misc.#1 and Misc.#2 records (in addition to sick and vacation)
            • New Direct Deposit report
            • Compliance patch to accommodate NYS Retirement’s new numbering series for police & fire employees (prefix “0B”)
            • Several format revisions to General Ledger financial reports
            • User defined field on employee paycheck stub (allowing for individualized employee notes or specific comments)

            March 2008

            We now have the capacity (if required) to connect directly to a client’s PC and provide support. Naturally, the client has to first grant us permission to connect. Please see our Client Area for details.

            February 2008

            On line demonstrations and training is now available via “Go to Meeting”. It’s a simple matter of logging into the Go to Meeting website (www.gotomeeting.com) and clicking on “Join a Meeting. You will need a meeting number that we will provide. Contact our office for further details.

            January 2008

            There have been some minor changes in the tax tables in effect by January 2008 (refer to the IRS Pub. 15 Rev. January 2008 (Circular E) Employer’s Tax Guide) which was received January 26, 2008.

            We have created an “update” to Enhanced (Client Area) for those of you who are using payroll, and want the update.

            November 2007

            The IRS has “relocated the Employee’s social security number” box on Form W-2 from box d to box a. The Control number box was also moved, but does not have an impact on our system. An update will be sent to all clients on support within the next ten days.

            Enhanced Version 8.012

            The latest update v.8.012 is now available to our clients, and as usual – at no cost! This is a major update that features new screen designs and colors. (click Here for PowerPoint demo)

            Distribution will begin in October 2007.

            General Improvements

            • “Major” changes to our screen design! We’ve also replaced the “File – Close” toolbar with a simpler “Close” icon 0
            • The program will now “Compact” automatically upon exiting insuring the best in continued performance
            • Revisions to several processes have resulted in increased speed and functionality

            General Ledger

            • Revised Operating Statement report
            • Expanded description fields on Trial Balance reports
            • Revisions to several financial reports
            • Eliminated “default” g/l accounts from operating statements

            Accounts Payable

            • New Projected Payments Report
            • Added Check No. Field to the Abstract of Vouchers – Paid report

            Accounts Receivable

            • New “Counter Sales” with customer receipts available for Itemized Billing
            • Revised Sales Journal Report

            Purchase Order

            • New Encumbrance report(s)
            • New Expenditure Details report

            Disbursements & Receipts

            • Revised Cash Receipts Journal Report
            • Improved Payroll Disbursements report that groups by employee and g/l number; provides totals for a user defined date range


            • Bottom of pay stubs will display only earning records where hours have been assigned

            July 2007

            We’ve just introduced a new feature that is now part of our Accounts Receivable module – Itemized Billing / Counter Sales. Municipal customers can now enjoy the benefits of a sales cash register system that will actually produce a receipt for respective purchases and/or payments. Fully integrated to the general ledger, this new feature will also produce associated sales journal reports and track the number of sales by item and group.

            June 2007

            The next version of Enhanced Fund Accounting (8.012) will feature new screen colors and navigation aids (click Here for PowerPoint demo). The scheduled release for the new version is 4th qtr. 2007. All clients who maintain support will receive an update at no cost.

            April 2007

            Enhanced Fund Accounting for Windows Vista and for Microsoft Office 2007 is now available. Click Here for a brief look at the new design.

            Enhanced Version 8.011

            January 2007

            General Ledger

            • Revised Budget Overview Report
            • Revised Operating Statement Report
            • Revised Financial Overview Report
            • Expanded G/L selector box

            Accounts Payable

            • Abstract of Vouchers Report – Unpaid – will now sort by supplier and date
            • Improved Supplier Invoice Templates


            • “New Report” – Employee Hours Worked
            • Added Note Field on Add/Edit Employee input screen that reflects on several reports

            All Modules

            • Changed “date format” when entering date ranges to allow changing just the month, day or just the year
            • Improved software performance and speed

            New Module – we have recently released our latest module “Budget Preparation” Fully integrated to General Ledger Click HERE for preview.

            September 2006

            A new module is now available – Budget Preparation. Fully integrated to our general ledger, this new offering allows the exporting of respective g/l account numbers to a structured Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (click Here for sample). A summary report is also included.

            Enhanced Version 8.010

            April 2006

            We are pleased to once again provide our clients with an update…at no cost! This will be the tenth update that we have offered reinforcing our commitment of continual improvement.

            This update includes the following new features and improvements:

            General Ledger

            • New “Financial Overview Report” (similar to the “Supervisor’s/Mayor’s” report…but much more detail)
            • Improved “Recurring Journal Entries” feature – can now post entries more than once a month
            • Ability to add new G/L numbers “on the fly” within the Enter Journal Entries screen

            System Tool Box

            • New Feature – Ability to “adjust” all employee wage rates and hours worked on one screen!
            • New Feature – Ability to “redo” the W2’s and 1099’s (allows “re-converting” employee W2’s and supplier 1099’s)
            • Added “Remove Deleted G/L Numbers”
            • Revised the format of the System Tool Box

            Accounts Payable

            • New Feature – the Add/Edit Supplier Invoice Entry Screen will now display the previous session’s “Voucher Number”
            • List all invoices, suppliers, vouchers etc. in current session will now be available on the entry screen
            • New Report – Abstract of Vouchers – Paid
            • Added “signature lines” to the Abstract of Vouchers – Unpaid report


            • Added “Net Check Totals” to the Employee Earnings or Deductions report (located under All Earnings/Deductions)
            • Added “Wage Descriptions” on the Payroll Check stubs
            • Expanded the Standard Earnings/Deductions List
            • Eliminated the S.S.# from the employee’s pay check – “Security Feature”
            • Undo Payroll will now insert “blanks” into the Standard/Deductions records (instead of a pass date) to avoid confusion

            Accounts Receivable

            • Revised the Customer Invoice form – added Preview Report button on the Select Customer Invoices to Print screen

            System Utilities

            • New Feature – the current Tax Table year will now display under System tab – Edit Organizational Profile Record – Payroll tab

            All Modules

            • Additional screen Tips & Hints
            • Improved software performance and speed

            Enhanced Version 8.9

            August 2005

            We are pleased to once again provide our clients with an update…at no cost! This is the ninth update that we have offered reinforcing our commitment of continual improvement.

            This update includes the following new features and improvements:

            System Tool Box (new feature)

            • Remove Deleted Tax Records
            • Remove Deleted Earnings Records
            • Remove Deleted Deduction Records
            • Remove Deleted Suppliers
            • Reindex Paycheck Hours

            General Ledger

            • New Budget Overview Report
            • Streamlined Operating Statement Report
            • Improved Yearly Budget Entry Form


            Fixed Assets

            • Expanded Description
            • Improved Depreciation Report

            Accounts Receivable

            • Improved Itemized Billing Process

            Disbursements & Receipts

            • Sort All Journal Entries by Fund and Date Range

            All Modules

            • Additional screen Tips & Hints
            • Improved software performance and speed
            • Double click on any date field to reflect a calendar

            February 2005

            We were recently made aware that the NYS Retirement System had updated their mainframe software. As a result, the existing file format for the NYS Retirement Electronic file is no longer acceptable.

            Many of you received notice from them containing the following explanation (an excerpt):

            “You need to be aware that there is an edit in our system which requires that the last column on your file, which contains the department/item number, must not only be 5 spaces wide, but also that the 5 spaces be filled with 5 characters. You cannot leave the spaces blank. Previously our edits were able to read the blank spaces as characters, however we found that this sometimes kept the files from downloading correctly to our mainframe. Therefore, all 5 spaces must now contain either a letter or a number. You need to fill the item numbers with 5 characters or digits (for example, XXXXX, 00001, XXXX1)”

            We contacted NYS Retirement and confirmed the above. A “patch” is now available to accommodate this change.

            January 2005

            There have been some minor changes in the tax tables for 2005. The revised tax tables and instructions on how to update can be downloaded in our Client Area.

            November 2004

            We have revised our payroll check to display allocated vacation and sick hours, what’s been used and what’s remaining. See sample by Clicking Here

            Enhanced Version 8.8

            September 2004

            Now available! Our latest version features a new look as well as a new module – Disbursements & Receipts!

            See a sampling of the new look and new module by Clicking Here

            Enhanced Version 8.7B

            July 2004

            We’ve just added the revised W2 forms for 2004, as well as a few additional improvements.

            • Abstract of Vouchers Report – Unpaid Only
            • Automatic entry of the NYS Retirement contribution (414-H) on the W2 form for those employees who are required to report

            Enhanced Version 8.7

            May 2004

            In keeping with our promise of continual improvement, we are once again providing our clients with additional features and program improvements. Clients who maintain support will be provided this update at no cost. Some of the features are as follows:

            • Electronic transfer of the New York State Retirement Report
            • Expanded Operating Statement Report having the ability to print all funds/objects/sub accounts on one report with the click of a button
            • Consolidated Payroll Report (which will detail all deductions)
            • Abstract of Vouchers Report with the option to sort by voucher number (in addition to sort by Fund and/or Supplier)
            • Batch numbers on all trial balance reports
            • Single page Budget Entry form

            Fixed Assets

            January 2004

            We are accepting orders for Fixed Assets. Existing clients will be updated on a first come, first serve basis. Please call for specifics on how to order!

            A straight line depreciation and fixed asset system that is easy to use and affordable. Key reports will be featured that list all assets by “group”, purchase date, cost, salvage value and depreciation years. Other reports will detail when the respective asset is “retired” and related information. We will be releasing this new module (January 2004) as part of the Enhanced Fund Accounting software suite. Click Here for an overview.

            Internet Demonstrations

            Internet University is now hosting a virtual meeting room for Enhanced Business Systems. We now have the capability to provide on line demonstrations of our software products, as well as supplemental training. See Demonstrations for further details.

            September 2003

            MTX is now Enhanced Fund Accounting

            In a continued effort to focus exclusively on New York State municipalities and non-profit organizations, we’ve recently renamed our fund accounting software program. The newly named product will have the same look and feel as the old, but will contain many new features, reports and improvements!

            Version 8.6 is now available

            Our latest release contains the following features that are provided to our clients at no cost! This update is available as of 9/30/03.

            • Direct Deposit capability
            • Ability to “undo” a current payroll
            • Make journal entries to closed accounting periods
            • Ability to print A/P vouchers for sign off by suppliers